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Friday, July 9, 2010


Just a wee story about our visit to "Madame Brussels"! I had heard of this venue & read a blurb about it in our hotel info book. Told Shirley about it & we decided might be a worth a visit sometime. No real plans were made but one night in Melbourne we were wandering in search of dinner & I realised we were right by the entrance to said premises. Shirley & I took off up the 4 flights of dingy-looking stairs & could hear Mum & Michael moaning about the stairs & Mum in particular expressing her disinterest in "visiting a "knock shop".....those girls are up to no good taking us to a place like that, I want to go back to the hotel, Michael let's just order room service & they can carry on in this place".....funny stuff. Turns out when we got to the top floor you enter this kitsch "Frenchie" garden party-type area with astro turf, white wrought iron furniture & vintage china - MUM LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went through one of the sets of french doors & were out on the roof area overlooking Bourke St............gorgeous, a mite chilly but one could get hot water bottles & blankets if desired!! Couple of Pimms & snacks & we were then directed to a fabulous old house? in Little Collins St by the manager of Mme Brussels where we had a superb late dinner.

We so recommend you visit Mme Brussels when you visit Melbourne, fantastic friendly staff & awesome venue, one would have no idea you were in Melbourne's CBD. They also present an amusing schedule of planned events which you can peruse on their website - oh & check out the wrought iron bottle holder behind the bar, just like Mum's stand outside the main door of The Barn!!!

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