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Saturday, February 16, 2013


Hi, Things are going through a huge change and one of them is to employ 1, maybe 2 ladies to work in The Barn and this morning I had to decide from 5 applicants. This was a very hard job as they all knew The Barn and most have shopped here. I,ve decided on 2 and will call them tonight and tell them. Next week I,ll introduce them to you as they will be an important part in the business.I have to get the staff organised as !!!!!!!!!! I am off on the 19 May for 9 weeks to England and Europe. It is so exciting and I will do a little blog each night to keep you up with the holiday.For you who know me, of course garden visits are a must and I already have my tickets for THE CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW, CHAMPAGNE TEA FOR TWO to HIGHGROVE ( Prince Charles garden ). Also the tickets to ALTHORP, the Spencer family home with the island where Princess Diana is buried. There is so much more to say but will drip feed it. So as you can imagine I have to have staff organised for the cattery, The Barn and the gardener to keep everything looking great. Garden visits are increasing and so it makes sense to have some help keeping it right and I must say it has been very hard to let go a little and take on these extra people but life is very short and we are NEVER promised tomorrow.