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Sunday, April 21, 2013


Yes,I know that I have been slack with my posting but there has been so much to be done and this took a back seat .Here is a little of what is going on..... The chalk paint is amazing and I,ve been very busy painting lots of stuff to stock The Barn and also to get plenty of backup stock for while I,m away.Here are some photos...
My D.I.Y apprentice,who has done a great job and saved me so much time.However,he wishes to remain anon.

The white cupboard, soft turquoise table and the white oblong coffee table have had vintage pressed tin put on the top and I have painted them.I have left the old chippy paint underneath and they look so good.

There is also crosses,large hearts ,smaller hearts and flying ducks... also with the pressed tin on them.I am finishing doing the display in The Barn tomorrow and will put the photo up then.

Another project just finished.... a very girlie,aple soft pink bedroom dresser,with vintage,floral sanderson wallpaper.

TILI JARS.... These are perfect for gifts and there is so much that you can use these for.