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Monday, August 16, 2010


Our house plans have finally gone into council so we are "on the way", yay.

This is another project for the new house; I bought this cute chair on Trade Me for $1.00 & went to upholstery night classes to recover it in some Ikea fabric I'd bought in Perth last year. I think it will go nicely in our bedroom.


I'm well-known for changing belongings & possessions when the whim suits me - Gemini you understand!

This is the latest "re-incarnation"; my husband made this table from some recycled rimu & welded the iron base. Lovely, but tired of it has been natural timber top, glossy black, off-white & now a bit funked up to go in our new house we're building. The jury is out on whether it's acceptable but as I told him "it's just another coat of paint"!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

This was an amazing sunrise the other morning, just couldn,t resist the photo. This sight doesn,t last for long so this is for all you folk who are lucky enough to have sleepins.
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