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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This is a before pic of a gorgeous french couch I had and Shirley ( a Barn Girl ) bought it and has had it recovered and also painted and shabbied  the wood. It is amazing and sorry but I forgot to take the camera with me today when we took up some food for their meal tonight as they were moving into their new property today and it will save them thinking of what,s for dinner.She has painted it all white and when you see the photos you will see how she has painted all the furniture white etc., NZ,s Rachel Ashwell!!!!!!!.
Will have those photos up soon.

Monday, April 23, 2012


No pics tonight but still good news for you all. I am having a heatpump installed so we will be open all winter and not closing as we have done the past few years.This also means that we can make The Barn available for project classes so if you are interested in taking a class or taking part in one, please call me or email. I know there is some very talented people out there and here is an ideal place for you to show others.
WANTED.... vintage fabric,patterns,clothing,wallpaper,old furniture,china.
The Barn is open .. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 11am > 4pm. Also by  appointment.
Cheers and see you all soon.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


WOW, what a time I have had getting this new system to blog as the old way was sooooo easy.After my promise to be a regular blogger I have failed you badly but fingers crossed I have it sorted.
These few blooms are to be enjoyed as Jack Frost isn,t too far away and all the plants will be put to bed for the winter.
I have been making time to sew and stock up The Barn and these cushion covers are my Ballerina collection, perfect for your dancers room.

This cushion is made of unused vintage ticking and has a gorgeous swan tapestry appliqued on it.

And these are some woolen blankets thet I have joused up and great for those colder nights ahead.