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Saturday, March 23, 2013


Chalk Paint..... a very simple DIY recipe and perfect for home projects.  I am putting a vintage pressed tin top on the duck egg blue table and this will be hopefully in The Barn,next weekend and the old stool has been painted in a very soft pinkchalk paint and I will put an edging on and it also should be available at the weekend as well.
These two tables have been painted today with a white chalk paint and the oblong one is also getting a vintage piece of pressed tin on top as well. Pressed tin is an amazing decor item and I have a lot so watch this blog as I will put the new stock up as it is completed and becomes available.

These three furniture pieces are the work of Sarah, who works in The Barn on Saturday, and is very, very good at rejuvenating furniture.

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Unknown said...

Can you please give us your recipe for the chalk paint?? Thanks