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Friday, July 22, 2011


Time has passed by so fast but I,ve made myself promise to do an update regularly.Today, was a bitterly cold, grey day but I ventured out for a stroll around my garden to see what is in bloom. The weather forcast for the next few days is dreadful with snow forecast and in general just normal winter temperatures. We have been very, very lucky as up till now the winter has been mild and we are thankful for that as Canterbury has had enough coping with the earthquakes, etc., but that luck has run out.
The cattery and kennels are extremely busy and Michael hasn,t been able to get on with fixing the barn floor which was damaged in the Feb quake. Hopefully, He will get it done over the next month in between working at the kennels, lambing and having a break in Perth, visiting family. We hope to have it finished for opening in September. I,m amazed at the people calling in to visit The Barn and when speaking to them it seems that besides retail therapy, they are getting a break from the sights of the quake and to relax and forget for awhile. I went over to Perth and the Gold Coast so have included some pics of an amazing helicopter flight I had over Perth and down to Fremantle. After being in Perth for a week I headed for the last week to stay with a friend of mine [ Robina ] and as only girls can do, we shopped. It was great but it was also good to get home.
I,ve now caught up with all the news and have spent time today cutting out fabric for cushions, etc. so when the time permits I can sew them up and have a backup of cushions for when The Barn reopens. Over the next week I have a IT person coming to help me get it right uploading stock onto the online shop, so hopefully you,ll see plenty of product for sale next week.
Photos also of blooms sighted in the garden today, hellebores, snowdrops, earlicheer, camellias, perennial wallflower,daphne, wintersweet, viburnum.

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